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Katya Havok is a conceptual still life photographer,
collage maker and NFT artist.

Here are some of her artworks:

Katya Havok is a unique NFT artist, combining photography, collages and 3d made by her own hand in her artworks.
She exhibits her NFT artworks on the famous auction platform Foundation app.

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Katya Havok's images
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Also Katya Havok's artworks are available as prints, posters and other cool stuff:
Here are you can buy
exclusive and limited edition artworks as posters
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Her real name is Ekaterina Chebotareva, but everyone knows her as Katya Havok.

She is a contemporary pop-art photographer, collage maker and NFT artist. Her images have specific bright colors, creative concepts and also consist of minimalism and surrealism.

She sells licenses for her artworks on different photostocks, graphic design platforms and online market places of artwork. She also creates an exclusive artworks in a limited edition on SaatchiArt. In 2021 her NFTs were sold on famous auction platform Foundation app for more than a thousand dollars each.

A lot of articles about her artworks have been published by Fubiz, Society6, ShutterstockBlog and Depositphotos.

Licenses for the use of her artworks were bought by Women's Health, Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, Rolling Stone and in other major publishers, which used it in their articles as illustrations.
This is what the press and blogs wrote
about Katya Havok.
Articles with interviews, collaborations or mentions.

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